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About the Author

Theresa Garcia, aka Anne T. Garcia,

resides in a suburb of St. Louis with her husband, a retired physician. They have three married children and nine grandchildren. Their world stood still for a moment in May, 1998, when Dr. Garcia suffered a massive stroke. After a month in ICU, he then spent the rest of the summer in a rehabilitation center.

Theresa then found herself as his caregiver, required by circumstances to give up her job and very active lifestyle. She enrolled in Rhema Correspondence Bible School, and also earnestly delved into teachings on eschatology, the study of the end times. She began teaching at Churches and women’s groups throughout the Midwest.

In 2003, she wrote her first book, “From The Hidden” which is now out of print. Shortly after it was published, she expanded it to the present 14 chapter book, “From the Hidden-You Will Understand It Perfectly”.

In the fall of 2004 the Lord spoke to Theresa and her husband each individually that they should no longer go to Florida in the winter, as had become their custom. In January 2005, a door opened for Theresa to begin her radio show. That summer she began writing her newspaper column. In the late fall she began her television show.

Having to give up her relatively independent lifestyle to care for her husband was a difficult adjustment. It is her testimony that when she was finally able to lay down her own will and “embrace servanthood,” God began to move mightily in her life. The Garcias stand in faith, seeing the full manifestation of Dr. Garcia’s return to perfect health as something that was “bought and paid for” on the cross.

Her TV/radio show is entitled “Understanding the End of the Age.” Theresa and her husband are dedicating their lives to helping the Jews, the nations, and the church to understand that this really is the end of the 6,000 years of man’s dominion of planet earth.

Shortly after Theresa began her television show, a prophet spoke to her that God was going to “enlarge her territory.” In the summer of 2006 she became the City Director in St. Louis of “Christians United for Israel.” That fall she orchestrated the “Night to Honor Israel” in St. Louis. It was one of the first such “Nights” to be held outside of Texas.

Theresa spent many hours each day during the summer of 2006 working toward the success of the “Night to Honor Israel.” From that time onward their ministry has grown exponentially. Her television show is now seen by satellite and on the worldwide web around the world.

In retrospect, she attributes the rapid growth of their ministry to blessing Israel and the Jews. As God spoke to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you” Genesis 12:3. The Garcias share a deep love for the Jews, and commitment to stand with them in the current political climate, whatever the cost.

At the same time, they are deeply burdened to take the good news, that Jesus is Lord, to the Islamic community. Since many of Dr. Garcia’s physicians are Islamic, they have formed many bonds within the Moslem community.

Through her many conversations and social connection in the Islamic community, Theresa has come to understand that most Moslems are opposed to Sharia Law. It is especially onerous to Moslem women. As political event move the world inexorably toward the totalitarian reign of the future Mahdi, Jesus is our only way of escape from this coming world dictator.

Theresa and her husband Cas thank God for allowing them to share in the work of bringing in the Great Harvest at the End of the Age. It will be their future joy to spend eternity with those they have taught to accept Jesus and “escape the wrath to come.”